Thursday, October 23, 2014

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to hold cybersecurity meeting

The United States Patent and Trademark Office plans to hold its first partnership meeting with the cybersecurity and network security community on Nov. 14 in Silicon Valley, the agency announced this week.


DOD delays network-breach notification rules amid key questions

The Pentagon has further delayed the development of network breach-reporting regulations for cleared defense contractors amid continuing deliberations on fundamental questions.

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Industry details efforts to promote cyber framework, areas for further development

Business groups and companies commenting on the government's framework of cybersecurity standards offered extensive details on their efforts to promote the framework, assurances that they are meeting the goals of bolstering cybersecurity in various ways, and questions on broader issues such as the need for incentives and more discussion on the economics of the issue.


Packed agenda of government, industry cybersecurity events

The third week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is crowded with events from government, private sector, and industry groups, expanding beyond the designated topic of the week — cybersecurity for small businesses — and examining issues such as Estonian cybersecurity initiatives, Army information technology, and business cybersecurity.


Message from Germany: Governments must articulate their role in cyber defense

Arne Schonbohm, who leads an industry cybersecurity group in Germany, wraps up a tour of the United States this week and he has a message for governments on both continents: Articulate how you will help the private sector defend its networks in the face of highly advanced attacks from nation-states.

Healthcare industry developing cybersecurity framework for medical devices

The healthcare and public health sector is developing a new cybersecurity framework for medical devices and risk management, according to the sector's information sharing and analysis center director.

IT security firm says framework outreach should focus first on U.S. market

Federal officials may be spending too much time spreading the word internationally about the framework of cybersecurity standards while there is an acute need to encourage its use domestically, according to one consulting firm that is using the framework in its work with clients.

DHS to expand cybersecurity outreach to academia

The Department of Homeland Security will continue next year a relatively new effort to help academia blunt threats posed by hackers, according to briefing materials prepared for a federal advisory panel's meeting today.

Health tech official cites broad responsibility for medical device security

Medical device cybersecurity requires greater collaboration among stakeholders across government and industry, a healthcare system wireless communications manager said at a Food and Drug Administration cybersecurity event today.

Recent News

FCC's cybersecurity working group sets deadline for initial reports

Treasury advisory panel to meet on cybersecurity insurance

NIST issues first draft of cyber-physical 'framework elements'

Industry remains concerned about NIST privacy initiatives

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Special Report

Industry comments will shape next steps for NIST framework of cyber standards

Must-read coverage of industry and other comments to NIST on its framework of cybersecurity standards. The comments will inform discussions at an upcoming NIST workshop in Tampa, FL on improving cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and could shape possible revisions to the framework of standards.

Daily Briefs

DOD to create joint headquarters for defense network security

The Pentagon's Defense Information Systems Agency and U.S. Cyber Command will soon have a joint headquarters to manage all defense networks, according to an official from DISA who advised industry to be ready to support the effort.

Law professor to discuss privacy at NIST

The National Institute of Standards and Technology will host a privacy lecture next week by Daniel Solove, a law professor whose work sparked debate on privacy harms at the agency's April workshop on privacy engineering.

FDA urges cybersecurity updates throughout medical device lifecycle

Cybersecurity considerations need to be taken into account throughout the lifecycle of medical devices, a Food and Drug Administration official said Tuesday.

Featured Document

Department of Energy comments on NIST framework

The Department of Energy states in this Oct. 10, 2014 submission to the National Institute of Standards and Technology that the energy sector is "generally aware" of NIST's framework of cybersecurity standards, urging NIST and other sector-specific government agencies to continue efforts to increase awareness of the framework, especially among small businesses and energy sector critical infrastructure operators. Furthermore, DOE states that energy sector regulatory organizations are aware and engaged in activities surrounding the framework, including development of the energy sector's specific guidance for implementing the framework.

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