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DETROIT – Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s forthcoming guidance on cybersecurity for automobiles will complement new industry-developed best practices, while calling for continued collaboration between government partners and automotive industry companies.

DETROIT – Members of Congress and federal officials are urging the auto industry to proactively improve relationships with cybersecurity researchers, conduct tests of new automotive technology and implement new best-practices guidance in order to head off the potentially calamitous impacts of a cyber attack against automobiles.

DETROIT – The automotive industry’s new information sharing and analysis center can lay the groundwork for coordinated disclosure of cyber vulnerabilities between security researchers and automakers, industry officials said today, following the release of “adaptable” cyber best practices for the industry.

The organization tasked with developing standards for creating and operating information sharing and analysis organizations, or ISAOs, is considering how and who would certify the new groups after developing what it calls  a “consensus” on the value of having third-party validation, according to officials involved in the effort.