Friday, November 21, 2014

Postal Service details follow-up to massive cyber breach

A top U.S. Postal Service official on Wednesday detailed a series of policy steps taken to improve cybersecurity in the aftermath of a major breach revealed last week.


FAA, aviation industry will use NIST framework to discuss cyber strategy

The Federal Aviation Administration is interested in pursuing an aviation cybersecurity strategy that uses the National Institute of Standards and Technology's cybersecurity framework in tandem with the new aviation information sharing and analysis center, the aviation ISAC director said Tuesday.

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Last gasps for cybersecurity info-sharing measure as lame-duck winds down

Backers of cybersecurity information-sharing legislation went to the mats this week in a last-gasp effort to pass something in the lame-duck session of Congress.

White House eyes potential interim steps on cyber info sharing

The Obama administration could improve the sharing of cyber threat data in the absence of new legislation by distancing the endeavor from Big Data policy debates, providing more legal guidance and promoting an existing means of confidentially sharing vulnerability information, industry and federal officials said this week.

Interagency cybersecurity group includes SEC

The recently established cybersecurity forum involving federal regulatory agencies includes the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was not mentioned in the initial announcement by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

NIST group urges cooperation on cybersecurity of 'Internet of Things'

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's working group on cyber-physical systems cybersecurity discussed core principles on Thursday, underscoring a need for integration among disciplines to tackle the growing issue of CPS cybersecurity.

House intelligence panel leaders press for action on information-sharing bill

House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) today stressed the severity of the cyber threat facing the nation -- and the availability of a key legislative response -- as he mounts a last-ditch effort to pass a controversial information-sharing bill during the lame-duck session of Congress.

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FCC chief: Better cybersecurity depends on cross-sector work and incentives

Federal computer security reform still held up by jurisdictional dispute in House

Cyber standards could be enforced at local level, security officials say

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U.S., European business groups urge EU to follow voluntary cyber model

The U.S.-based Internet Security Alliance and the Internet Security Alliance for Europe next week will urge European Union officials to move away from a regulatory approach to cybersecurity and instead adopt an industry-led voluntary approach.

CBO puts $20 million price tag on info-sharing bill

A new report by the Congressional Budget Office finds the Senate information-sharing bill would carry modest costs of $20 million in discretionary spending, or about $4 million per year over five years.

SEC approves 'Regulation SCI' on technology infrastructure

The Securities and Exchange Commission voted Wednesday to adopt new rules designed to strengthen the technology infrastructure of the U.S. securities markets.

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Notice on DHS research and development plan

The Department of Homeland Security in a Federal Register notice from Nov. 17, 2014 requests public comment on DHS's National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Research and Development Plan. The notice states that the plan will include critical infrastructure cyber and physical assets and will "take into account the evolving threat landscape, annual metrics and other relevant information to identify priorities and guide R&D requirements and investments."

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