Thursday, July 31, 2014

Insurance industry urges greater candor on cyber risks to critical infrastructure

The insurance industry is urging the Department of Homeland Security to provide more details about critical infrastructure's cybersecurity vulnerabilities to enable better analysis on the potential consequences of cyber attacks, according to a new agency report.

Industry attributes cyber inspection delays to maintenance needs at nuclear sites

Industry officials say the need to align cybersecurity improvements with other maintenance needs is the primary reason facilities are seeking Nuclear Regulatory Commission deadline extensions for implementing the final stage of cybersecurity programs for facilities.

Industry concerns persist over possible FCC cybersecurity regulations

A new analysis by the law firm Wiley Rein and conversations with multiple communications industry players reveal ongoing concerns that the Federal Communications Commission ultimately intends to pursue a regulatory approach to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity insurance industry calls for new cyber incident repository

Cybersecurity insurance industry stakeholders are urging the development of a new repository of anonymized cyber incident data that could enable benchmarking for critical infrastructure and help address a lack of related actuarial information, according to a new Department of Homeland Security report.

Recent News

FCC's cybersecurity group works through timing, measurement and priorities issues

NIST to develop cybersecurity-centric 'Internet of Things' definition

Oil, gas industry urge streamlined cyber standards

DHS works on spreading the word about new cyber handbook for corporate directors

House approves measures on DHS cyber role, workforce and research

NIST cyber-physical systems group set to release cyber reference guide by 2016

Groups to unveil cybersecurity 'handbook for corporate directors'

Lawmakers move to tidy up federal cybersecurity policy with late legislative push

Cyber certification provides foundation for ICS security, officials say

The week ahead: FCC cyber working group meets; cyber bills advance

FCC working group establishing ways to evaluate, use cyber framework

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sector initiatives

Cyber certification provides foundation for ICS security, officials say

The new Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional certification provides a strong baseline of knowledge for ICS cybersecurity, industrial control systems professionals said during a recent webinar hosted by the ICS information-sharing and analysis center.

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Featured Story

NIST cyber-physical systems group set to release cyber reference guide by 2016

After convening for the first time on July 17, the National Institute of Standards and Technology's new cyber-physical systems public working group has established a goal to publish a cybersecurity reference architecture by the first quarter of fiscal year 2016.

Daily Briefs

White House to agencies: Prioritize cybersecurity in budget proposals

The White House has told federal agencies to keep cybersecurity in mind as they prepare fiscal year 2016 science and technology funding requests.

Utilities group cites efforts to unify multiple cyber initiatives

The Utilities Telecom Council announced multiple efforts to combine industry and government initiatives into a workable cybersecurity strategy for the utility sector, during a meeting of the UTC security committee on Wednesday.

New HP report underscores 'Internet of Things' vulnerabilities

Six of the top 10 "Internet of Things" devices are vulnerable to a range of cyber threats, according to a new HP report released Tuesday.

Utilities Telecom Council sets workshop on supply chain risks

The Utilities Telecom Council next month will hold a cybersecurity workshop on managing information-communications technology supply chain risks in the utility sector.

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