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The group tasked with developing standards for information sharing and analysis organizations will host its final public meeting next week before issuing its initial set of guidelines, an event that organizers say will be “transitional” as the group begins to lay out its next steps for promoting the creation of ISAOs.

The automotive industry is invoking both substantive and procedural arguments to challenge a petition asking the Federal Communications Commission to halt deployment of new automobile technologies until cybersecurity and privacy plans are in place, while consumer advocates are warning that the “emergency stay” must be approved because commercial use of such technologies and communications puts drivers at risk.

It is unlikely automotive industry regulators will mandate cybersecurity controls more rigorous than those currently being developed and deployed by the private sector, according to an industry source, despite moves by regulators to potentially halt deployment of some technologies until cybersecurity plans are in place.

Large and small internet service providers have met with Federal Communications Commission staff to urge flexibility for the type of personal data and the size of companies governed by its upcoming privacy rules.