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The presidential transition is in full swing; now is the time to try Inside Cybersecurity.

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The presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity has issued a report that offers both immediate and long-term policy recommendations for the next administration, including a call for federal agencies to “harmonize” regulatory requirements – based on standards developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology – to encourage innovation and reduce costs.

President-elect Trump today will meet with Adm. Jay Cohen, a former Department of Homeland Security and Defense Department official with a long history of working on cybersecurity issues, although it's unclear if Cohen is interviewing for a position or providing policy input.

President-elect Trump earlier this week announced an expansion of his transition team, with nearly half of the members being former or current Republican members of Congress, and all but one having voted for landmark cybersecurity legislation that is a core element of the Obama administration's strategy for sharing cyber-threat intelligence.

The automotive industry is worried that state governments will take the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's new voluntary policy on automated vehicles and set mandatory cybersecurity requirements.