Monday, January 26, 2015

Congressional Republicans say they've outpaced Obama on cybersecurity efforts

Congressional Republicans are welcoming President Obama's commitment to cybersecurity initiatives -- and pushing back against the president's assertion that he's awaiting action on Capitol Hill.


DHS boosts focus on big cyber risks involving small companies

The Department of Homeland Security's decision to launch a nationwide roadshow to promote cybersecurity for small businesses could sharpen the agency's focus on the most significant cyber risks involving critical infrastructure.

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Lawmakers already at work as Obama brings high-profile cybersecurity pitch to Congress

President Obama will use the bully pulpit of the State of the Union address to frame upcoming debates over cybersecurity information sharing, consumer data-breach notification and law enforcement efforts to fight cyber crime.

The Editor Reports

DHS aims to get it right on cybersecurity community outreach in 2015

Recent moves by the Department of Homeland Security reveal a new determination to improve outreach to the business community on cybersecurity initiatives, tools and resources.

White House advisers eying big data, cyber issues and 'Dark Web'

The President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee is preparing to discuss thorny policy questions on big data, national cyber challenges and the risks of hidden online marketplaces.

Utilities focus cybersecurity efforts on NIST framework, NERC standards

The utility industry this year will begin making use of the federal framework of cybersecurity standards with the help of the Department of Energy's sector-specific guidance, while also addressing other cyber priorities, a utilities sector official told Inside Cybersecurity.

Senate homeland security panel hopes to chart bipartisan course on cybersecurity issues

Leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Thursday pledged a bipartisan approach to cybersecurity and other issues as the panel met for the first time under new Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI).

Recent News

Former White House security advisers urge greater focus on cyber threats

NIST sets April target for cyber-physical framework, beginning work on 'roadmap'

Congressional Republicans say they've outpaced Obama on cybersecurity efforts

Obama calls for bipartisan response to 'evolving threat' in cyberspace

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Daily Briefs

Report: International companies face conflicting legal requirements

A new Cisco report finds that foreign governments are beginning to place requirements on data that could impose conflicting legal rules on multinational companies.

Obama's top general calls for action on cyber risks

President Obama's top military adviser this week underscored the need to improve the cybersecurity of civilian networks upon which the U.S. military relies.

NIST to host meeting on cybersecurity of digital manufacturing

The National Institute of Standards and Technology will host on Feb. 3 a meeting on cybersecurity challenges in the field of direct digital manufacturing.

Featured Document

Report on status of cybersecurity in United States

This Jan. 13, 2015 report from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association finds that 41 percent of respondents – all members of ISACA – plan to hire more cybersecurity professionals and will find it difficult to find qualified individuals. Furthermore, it underscores industry's expectations of cyber attacks, with 54 percent of respondents saying that a cyber attack will likely strike their organization in 2015.

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