Saturday, July 04, 2015

Obama taps researcher to launch cybersecurity version of Underwriters Laboratories

The White House has asked prominent security researcher Peiter Zatko, a.k.a. Mudge, to stand up a new cybersecurity entity modeled on Underwriters Laboratories, Zatko announced Monday via Twitter.


SEC official backs cyber info sharing, urges more industry disclosures

A Securities and Exchange Commission member is backing calls for new industry entities and legislation to improve cybersecurity information sharing and urging the SEC to require companies to publicly disclose data breaches.

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OPM hacking reshapes cybersecurity policy debate

The massive hacking of the Office of Personnel Management, reportedly by Chinese spies, is reshaping the debate on U.S. cybersecurity policy in ways that may defy expectations in Congress and the media.


Cybersecurity policy glimmers in the glare of OPM breach spotlight

Two weeks of congressional hearings on the breach at the Office of Personnel Management produced plenty of heat – and maybe a few rays of light as well.

Industry plays unprecedented role in major U.S. Cyber Command exercise

The private sector's recent participation in the federal government's annual Cyber Guard exercise was unprecedented, insightful, overdue and reflective of a growing effort by U.S. officials to involve industry in training to prepare for digital disasters, according to a senior military official.

Lawmakers urged to include aviation security strategy in FAA reauthorization

A comprehensive aviation security system should be considered as part of reauthorization legislation for the Federal Aviation Administration, according to congressional researchers.

DHS tees up issues for next cybersecurity info-sharing event

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a white paper summarizing its recent workshop in Cambridge, MA, on developing cybersecurity information-sharing entities, a document intended to pave the way for further discussions this month in Silicon Valley.

NIST cyber-physical group agrees on 'description' for security

A National Institute of Standards and Technology group working to develop standards for cybersecurity and privacy reached consensus on a "description" for securing cyber-physical systems.

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DHS examines role of data repository to spur availability of cyber insurance

White House science office spurs effort to create cyber certification lab

Source: Interagency effort to streamline standards aligns with NIST framework

Financial sector tech leader pegs info-sharing as top cyber priority

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Union lawsuit against OPM includes data-security demands for contractor

Government employees have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Office of Personnel Management, calling on the agency to fully implement federal data-security requirements and urging a court to require that a contractor be subject to third-party audits and simulated cyberattacks, among other security measures.

Retailers join with U.S. Chamber to launch cyber council

The Retail Industry Leaders Association Wednesday announced that it has struck a partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other trade associations to launch a cybersecurity leadership council.

Cloud company details phased approach to federal IT security

A new white paper from cloud company Carpathia outlines four phases government agencies should work through to achieve compliance with federal cyber requirements.

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Cyber risks top business concerns says Travelers Insurance

Cybersecurity has moved to near the top of the list of business concerns in the past year, according to this May 2015 Travelers Insurance report, and only a small portion of businesses feel prepared to handle cyber risks. According to the report, 58 percent of businesses are worried about cyberattacks, but 29 percent cite that cyber issues are risks they are least prepared to handle.

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