Thursday, December 18, 2014

Omnibus spending bill includes cyber provisions aimed at China

The omnibus appropriations bill that Congress wrapped up over the weekend includes language singling out technology products made in China for additional cybersecurity scrutiny in the government procurement process.


Auto industry says cyber technologies raise complex liability issues

The regulatory regime for the automotive sector needs to move quickly on cybersecurity issues, an auto industry official said Friday, and liability is an area that will need to be addressed in the dialogue on growing auto cyber concerns.

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New House IT subcommittee means cybersecurity oversight just got more crowded

Add another panel to the 100 or so congressional committees and subcommittees that claim jurisdiction over cybersecurity issues: Incoming House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) announced this week that he's creating an IT subcommittee with cyber jurisdiction.


Major telecom company in Japan carries banner for NIST cybersecurity framework

One of Japan's leading telecommunications companies is moving to promote awareness in that country of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's framework of cybersecurity standards, while also boosting its cybersecurity policy presence in the United States.


Federal agencies team up on supply chain issues

Multiple federal agencies are collaborating to foster dialogue on supply chain and software issues this week, while the private sector hosts workshops to help cybersecurity stakeholders protect themselves from cyber attacks and highlight existing cybersecurity solutions.

New homeland chairman says info-share, breach notification are priorities

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who assumes the chairmanship of the homeland security committee in January, sees legislation on information sharing and a national breach notification standard as the top policy priorities on cybersecurity in 2015.

Obama adviser sees potential for cyber norms with China and Russia

The United States, China and Russia have the potential to reach agreement on cyberspace norms of behavior to avoid launching cyber attacks against critical civilian infrastructure and military control systems for nuclear weapons, according to Obama administration adviser Richard Danzig.

Automakers: Cybersecurity for vehicle technology requires federal leadership

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers this week urged the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to be heavily involved in establishing a cybersecurity management system for "vehicle-to-vehicle" communications technology.

NIST issues new draft cybersecurity guidance for small businesses

Federal officials have drafted new cybersecurity guidance for small businesses, a move that is drawing praise but also raising questions about how the government will market it to compact companies with critical roles, many of which are ignorant of cyber risks.

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New leadership taking shape for congressional panels with cybersecurity jurisdiction

Cyber bill mandates GAO report on NIST framework 'adoption'

Danzig: From Wall Street to the power grid, tailored cybersecurity is key

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Special Report

Lame-duck bills set stage for cyber debate next Congress

A series of targeted cyber-related bills approved during the final days of the 113th Congress will likely clear the way for debate early next year on broader cybersecurity legislation, including a bill to encourage information sharing while offering liability relief for industry. This special report provides easy access to Inside Cybersecurity's coverage of the lame-duck session and the cybersecurity agenda for the next Congress.

Daily Briefs

Commerce Dept. Internet task force to consider security issues

The Commerce Department's Internet Policy Task Force intends to delve into cybersecurity issues in the coming year, according to a department official, as some in industry see the body as an effective vehicle for advancing cross-sector cyber efforts.

Nonprofit touts cybersecurity bills passed in lame-duck session

The nonprofit Washington Cyber Roundtable on Wednesday praised five cybersecurity bills passed by the 113th Congress, arguing they address major concerns shared by the public and private sectors.

Medical institute flags medical device cybersecurity as top concern for 2015

Cybersecurity of medical devices and systems is one of the highest risk areas in the healthcare sector, according to a report from the ECRI Institute.

Featured Document

Congressional Research Service report on cyber information sharing

This Dec. 11, 2014 report by the Congressional Research Service finds that information sharing legislation would likely be effective by incentivizing informal information-sharing networks. "Although informal networks might not have the technical capabilities of an [information sharing and analysis center], they could be more flexible and discourage free-riding by cutting 'takers' out of the network, which would alter the competitive incentives in favor of more information sharing," the report states.

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