Monday, April 27, 2015

Officials still mulling how to counter cyber risks from Internet of Things

The Obama administration is still sorting out how to address a presidential advisory panel's urgent call last year to mitigate cyber risks tied to the Internet of Things, according to a senior administration official.


Coast Guard charts voluntary course on cyber following public input

The U.S. Coast Guard is the latest sector regulator to announce it will follow a voluntary, risk-management approach to cybersecurity as it readies a plan for the nation's ports, according to a top Coast Guard official.

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FCC's Wheeler to offer first extended remarks on industry-led cybersecurity report

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Thomas Wheeler on Tuesday is expected to deliver his most detailed assessment to date on the telecom sector's landmark report on cybersecurity, which is seen as a model for "post-regulatory" cyber efforts in the communications sector and others.

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Administration policy pronouncements draw lines on cyber responsibilities

Two major policy pronouncements this week -- one from the Federal Communications Commission chairman and the other from the White House -- offer an increasingly comprehensive picture of how the Obama administration views government and private-sector cybersecurity responsibilities.

Merged House info-sharing bill likely to designate DHS as portal for private sector

The final version of House cyber information-sharing legislation is likely to make liability protection for industry contingent on sharing through a Department of Homeland Security portal, according to congressional sources.

DOD moves to increase focus on cyber deterrence amid industry concerns

The Defense Department will launch a new assessment on how to deter specific foreign governments and entities from launching major cyber attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure and interests, according to a DOD "cyber strategy" issued Thursday, a move that could help address a concern repeatedly raised by the private sector.

GAO finds widespread cybersecurity risks among federal agencies

Nearly all of the federal agencies examined in a new report by the Government Accountability Office are vulnerable to cyber attacks, and smaller agencies have failed to fully implement agency-side cybersecurity programs.

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House approves McCaul's DHS-oriented cyber info-share bill

House moves to second cyber bill as Senate outlook remains unclear

DOD unveils new five-year strategy for defending against cyber attacks

Small Business panel examines impact of cyber bill before House vote

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State insurance commissioners adopt cybersecurity principles

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has adopted "principles for effective cybersecurity insurance regulatory guidance."

Treasury's insurance advisory panel to discuss cybersecurity

The Treasury Department's Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance will discuss cybersecurity and regulatory developments related to the insurance market, among other issues, at a May 7 public meeting.

HP unveils 'new school' cyber defenses focused on interactions

Hewlett-Packard announced Tuesday at the RSA cybersecurity conference in San Francisco that it would begin urging industry to embrace a "new school" of cyber defense, promoting protection of online interactions between users, applications, and data.

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F-Secure cyber threat report

Security firm F-Secure released this report in April 2015 that highlights top emerging threats in 2014. The most notable trend, according to the report, is the "increasing dominance" of vulnerability-leveraging malware that capitalize on unpatched operating systems and applications.

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