Sunday, March 29, 2015

DHS responds to concerns over new cyber threat intelligence center

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has written to lawmakers explaining how the Obama administration's new Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will complement – rather than compete with – existing DHS capacities.


NIST still aiming to issue privacy engineering report this year

The National Institute of Standards and Technology still plans to issue its privacy-engineering report in 2015, but the agency is not saying how soon the draft might be released for public comment.

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Cyber bills in House and Senate set up possible end game on info-sharing

If all goes according to plan, the House Intelligence Committee this week will mark up a cybersecurity information-sharing bill that will be paired, in some fashion next month, with a Homeland Security Committee bill to provide the House's comprehensive approach to the issue.

The Editor Reports

'Heir apparent' to lead Senate Democrats has some history on cyber

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) announcement that he will not seek re-election next year appears to pave the way for a senator with a track record on cybersecurity issues to lead Democrats in the next Congress.

House Intelligence leaders seek to defuse privacy concerns around cyber info-sharing

House Intelligence Committee leaders' efforts to strengthen privacy protection in their cyber information-sharing bill may never win over online privacy advocates, but it remains to be seen whether the provisions will satisfy the White House -- the key audience for lawmakers trying to get a measure signed into law this year.

Retail sector will roll out new cybersecurity portal in stages

The retail sector's information sharing and analysis center will stand up its new portal for sharing cyber threat data in roughly 30 days with a limited number of members participating initially, according to an official spearheading the effort.

Official: Internet of Things relies on vulnerable industrial control systems

The Internet of Things is overwhelmingly based on industrial control systems, which bodes ill for cybersecurity, a senior federal official warned Thursday.

Lawmaker cites challenges in coordinating policy on Internet of Things

Congress faces challenges coordinating policies around cybersecurity and the Internet of Things, according to the top Democrat in a caucus devoted to IoT issues, while non-cyber-specific legislation could have an indirect impact on IoT development.

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Cyber bill sponsors: No liability protection for sharing with NSA

House Intel approves info-sharing bill by unanimous vote

Senate lags behind House on data-breach notice effort

NIST prepares to examine 'next steps' on cyber-physical security

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Special Report

Telecom cyber plan is model for other sectors

A Federal Communications Commission advisory group has approved a cybersecurity strategy developed by the telecommunications industry that is seen as a model for other sectors. The strategy maps to the NIST framework of standards, and represents one of the first major industry efforts to apply the voluntary standards to real-world business operations and practices.

This special report provides complete coverage of the so-called working group 4 report and FCC's review of the industry-driven process.

Daily Briefs

House panel eyes spring for data-breach bill markup

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has not yet scheduled a markup for its data security and breach notification bill but will likely do so "later this spring," a spokeswoman told Inside Cybersecurity.

Federal government issues Q1 evaluation of cross- agency cybersecurity

The federal government has established a "vision" to develop performance-based metrics for measuring success of agency cybersecurity programs, according to a cross-agency report on first quarter 2015 cybersecurity improvements.

Senate resolution supports 'Internet of Things' national strategy

The Senate has passed a resolution calling for development of a national strategy around the "Internet of Things" and creation of consensus-based best practices on security and other issues to drive future development of IoT.

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Telecom sector 'working group 4' cybersecurity report

The Federal Communications Commission's Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council approved the "working group 4" cybersecurity report on March 18, 2015. The report outlines cybersecurity risk management strategies for the telecom sector and is grounded in the federal framework of cybersecurity standards created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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