Friday, October 31, 2014

Chamber urges SEC to avoid requiring cyber-risk disclosures

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is urging the Securities and Exchange Commission to avoid creating new requirements to disclose cyber risks based on the agency's 2011 voluntary guidance to industry.


IT sector council calls for greater efforts to promote cybersecurity framework

The Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council called for a "comprehensive and sustained national educational and awareness campaign" to promote cybersecurity, in comments submitted this week to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Industry gets its say on cyber framework experiences at Tampa event

About four hundred people will gather in Tampa, FL, this week for two days of discussions around the National Institute of Standards and Technology's framework of cybersecurity standards – the first such workshop since the framework was released over eight months ago.


NIST, trade groups to address various aspects of cybersecurity

The National Institute of Standards and Technology this week is addressing the cybersecurity framework of standards as well as cyber-physical systems, while trade groups host a variety of cyber-related events.


Cyber legislation is still a long shot, despite optimistic notes

House Republicans this week expressed optimism about action on cybersecurity legislation in the upcoming lame-duck session. Unfortunately for them, the decision to act rests with the other body and mostly with the other party.

NIST begins formulating next steps for cybersecurity framework

TAMPA, FL – The National Institute of Standards and Technology is finding strong awareness of its framework of cybersecurity standards across industry, but sees a need for more work on that front and for better explanations of some aspects of the framework.

NIST officials seek to tamp down concerns over cyber 'conformity'

TAMPA, FL – National Institute of Standards and Technology officials today suggested dropping the phrase "conformity assessment" from the vocabulary surrounding the framework of cybersecurity standards.

Industry officials recommend overhaul of threat information sharing centers

TAMPA, FL — The current information-sharing landscape isn't working, industry officials argued at the National Institute of Standards and Technology's sixth workshop on its framework of cybersecurity standards.

NIST workshop digs into cyber framework 'conformity' today

TAMPA, FL – The question of industry "conformity" with the framework of cybersecurity standards generated animated discussions on Wednesday at the National Institute of Standards and Technology workshop here and will be the focus of a breakout session today.

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Commerce Dept.'s top lawyer repeats claim of cyber framework as legal shield

Industry officials stress adoption of NIST framework rather than revisions

Industry sectors adopt 'customized' approach to NIST framework

White House official: No near-term changes to NIST cybersecurity standards

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Daily Briefs

NIST seeks comment on draft guide for cybersecurity information sharing

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is seeking comments on a draft publication on sharing information about cyber threats.

ITI cites data security in comments to FTC on big data

The Information Technology Industry Council submitted comments this week to the Federal Trade Commission in response to the agency's September workshop on the impact of big data on consumers.

New York banking regulators probe cybersecurity risks from vendors

The New York Department of Financial Services is reviewing the cybersecurity risks posed by vendors that serve banks and other financial institutions, a move prompted in part by a recent increase in data breaches.

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Report urges 'situational' awareness by electric utilities of cyber threats

A report by Space-Time Insight states that utilities "need to prepare for and prevent the possibility of attacks, and then quickly and accurately detect and respond to any attacks that do occur." The study notes that what is lacking in utility cybersecurity is a complete understanding of the multiple people, systems, and sources of data that are involved with preventing, detecting and responding to cyber attacks. "Given our reliance on their output, security complex utility networks is crucial for our functioning society," says the report, dated September 2014. "Many utilities and other organizations already possess multiple separate systems that can notify operators of physical or cyber alerts."

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