Thursday, March 05, 2015

White House issues draft of 'consumer privacy bill of rights'

The White House on Friday released for public discussion a draft of its proposed "consumer privacy bill of rights" legislation, one of the policy pieces promised in January along with legislation on cybersecurity information sharing, consumer data-breach notification and stiffer criminal penalties for cyber crimes.


HHS secretary urges lawmakers to fund cybersecurity initiatives

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell on Thursday highlighted the department's cybersecurity efforts and urged lawmakers to support its budget request to fund the initiatives.

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It's beginning to feel like deja vu all over again on Senate cyber info-sharing efforts

It's early in the process but the Obama administration once again seems to be taking an arm's-length approach to a Senate Intelligence Committee cybersecurity information-sharing bill, while encouraging the efforts of the House Homeland Security Committee on the issue.


Congress packs agenda with cyber, budget hearings

The focus of cyber action this week is on Capitol Hill as lawmakers begin scrutinizing budgets for federal agencies that deal with cybersecurity and hold hearings examining cyber threats and possible legislative solutions.


Obama administration moves to ensure bond with homeland security panels

White House and Department of Homeland Security officials this week have been taking visible steps to ensure a tight bond with the congressional homeland security panels -- an outreach effort spurred most immediately by the DHS budget impasse, but carrying big implications for cybersecurity legislation as well.

Circuit judge suggests comprehensive cyber rules in reviewing FTC case

Judges for the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals questioned whether the Federal Trade Commission should be the nation's cybersecurity "cop" and suggested a "comprehensive regulation" for securing the data of both businesses and the government.

House and Senate panels move toward action on cybersecurity information sharing

Industry and online privacy advocates alike are sharpening their arguments as the Senate Intelligence Committee and House homeland security and intelligence panels move closer to action on cybersecurity information-sharing legislation.

Interagency cyber forum examines cybersecurity risk management

Federal officials engaged in an interagency initiative to address cyber issues in late January heard from representatives of the tech, energy, financial, healthcare, communications and other sectors as they examined approaches to cybersecurity risk management.

House Energy and Commerce panel takes broad look at cyber threats

The House Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee on Tuesday took a step back from the accelerating legislative push underway at other panels in order to examine the cyber threat landscape more broadly -- and to seek input from industry security professionals on how to deal with threats and what Congress should be doing.

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DHS plans meeting on new cybersecurity info-sharing entities and standards

Consumer advocates: FTC report points to need for strong law on data breaches

Plan for cyber intelligence center unsettles stakeholders, U.S. spy chief says

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Symantec: U.S. is top target of financial sector 'Trojan' attacks

About 1,467 financial institutions in 86 countries are impacted by so-called Trojan attacks -- malware that can result in loss or theft of financial data or disrupt financial networks -- but companies in the United States have been hit by the most infections, a new Symantec report finds.

Administration denies ACLU request for zero-day policy documents

The American Civil Liberties Union said Tuesday that federal authorities had refused to release through the Freedom of Information Act various documents related to the government's purchase, use and disclosure of zero-day exploits.

GAO finds cyber weaknesses in air traffic control systems

Lawmakers are pressing the Federal Aviation Administration to address cyber vulnerabilities in air traffic control systems, following a Government Accountability Office report identifying FAA shortcomings.

Featured Document

Presidential memo establishing cyber threat integration center

This Feb. 25, 2015 memo from President Obama formally establishes the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center and sets a September 2016 deadline for it to become fully operational. The memo defines the center's role in the federal government's response to cyber issues. The new center will gather cyber threat intelligence from across the intelligence community.

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