Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cyber deterrence challenges garner more attention on Capitol Hill

The United States is not effectively deterring adversaries in cyberspace, the leader of U.S. Cyber Command and the National Security Agency agreed Thursday during questioning by Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain (R-AZ).


States, localities seen struggling with cybersecurity measures

State and local governments must begin dealing with issues around implementation of good cyber practices, according to a researcher who recently authored a report on state cybersecurity plans.

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Cyber bills in House and Senate set up possible end game on info-sharing

If all goes according to plan, the House Intelligence Committee this week will mark up a cybersecurity information-sharing bill that will be paired, in some fashion next month, with a Homeland Security Committee bill to provide the House's comprehensive approach to the issue.


Lawmakers discuss Internet of Things, agencies' cyber budgets

The breadth of the cybersecurity issue is on display on Capitol Hill and elsewhere this week, with topics ranging from information sharing to the Internet of Things to cyber budgets on lawmakers' agendas.


Telecom's cyber strategy is the next big building block for NIST framework

Digging into the new communications industry report on cybersecurity reveals a wealth of policy work that goes far beyond familiar discussions around measuring effective security and regulatory-versus-voluntary cyber strategies.

Cyber bill sponsors: No liability protection for sharing with NSA

The House Intelligence Committee-passed cybersecurity information-sharing bill -- and a managers' amendment added Thursday -- make clear that industry will receive liability protection for sharing cyber threat indicators with a civilian entity, but not with the National Security Agency or other Defense Department entities. But sharing with the DOD entities would not be prohibited.

House Intel approves info-sharing bill by unanimous vote

The House Intelligence Committee today unanimously approved a cyber information-sharing bill after making slight tweaks to strengthen privacy elements.

Senate lags behind House on data-breach notice effort

Key Senate committee leaders have yet to announce plans for moving consumer data-breach notification legislation, even as a bill is advancing in a House committee.

NIST prepares to examine 'next steps' on cyber-physical security

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's working group on cyber-physical systems' security and privacy as early as today may begin discussing next steps the group will take following an upcoming April workshop.

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House subcommittee approves data-breach bill without Democrats' amendments

DHS responds to concerns over new cyber threat intelligence center

House may race ahead of Senate on cybersecurity info-sharing legislation

House panel debate on data-breach bill divides along party lines

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Special Report

Telecom cyber plan is model for other sectors

A Federal Communications Commission advisory group has approved a cybersecurity strategy developed by the telecommunications industry that is seen as a model for other sectors. The strategy maps to the NIST framework of standards, and represents one of the first major industry efforts to apply the voluntary standards to real-world business operations and practices.

This special report provides complete coverage of the so-called working group 4 report and FCC's review of the industry-driven process.

Daily Briefs

Senate resolution supports 'Internet of Things' national strategy

The Senate has passed a resolution calling for development of a national strategy around the "Internet of Things" and creation of consensus-based best practices on security and other issues to drive future development of IoT.

New York AG warns Radio Shack on data privacy

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman voiced concern Wednesday in response to published reports that Radio Shack might sell private customer data during its bankruptcy sale.

UK issues report on cyber insurance, plans to issue guide

The government of the United Kingdom issued a report Monday on cybersecurity insurance and its role in mitigating cyber risks, highlighting methods to help firms address cyber issues, help insurers provide cyber policies, and establish London as a "global centre" for cyber risk management.

Featured Document

California AG office's presentation on healthcare cybersecurity

This March 19, 2015 presentation from Joanne McNabb, director of privacy education and policy at the California Attorney General's office, outlines recommendations for healthcare providers, payers, health information organizations, and policy makers about what needs to be done to secure health information. It outlines the growing cyber threats to healthcare data and explains the risks associated with compromised health data.

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