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Obama cyber plans draw praise on Hill, but tests coming quickly

February 11, 2016 |
Charlie Mitchell
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The Obama administration organized its cybersecurity spending and policy plans in a coherent manner in its final budget proposal, according to congressional sources, but significant tests of its overall strategy are coming up quickly.

The administration this week released its fiscal 2017 budget proposal, and the document's cyber elements are more clearly packaged than in the past. Further, the approach to cyber is oriented around the federal framework of cybersecurity standards, according to White House cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel....

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President Trump could redefine roles and lines of responsibility between businesses and the federal government.

The incoming Trump administration is being urged to "take stock" of the entire range of Obama initiatives on cybersecurity, with implications for government-industry partnerships, regulations, liability in cyberspace, the military's role and more. How President Trump translates his emphasis on deterrence and securing critical infrastructure into policy will have broad impacts on industry's cyber efforts and be closely followed in Congress.

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