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June 22, 2024

A new era of cyber regulation has begun

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New era of cyber regulation

The federal government is taking unprecedented steps to regulate cybersecurity practices across all major industry sectors. For decades industry efforts have successfully staved off regulatory requirements, but those voluntary initiatives are giving way to heightened concerns about China, Russia and other nation-state adversaries engaged in strategic assaults on operations central to a digital economy.

Must-Read News

Inside Cybersecurity delivers daily news and analysis on what matters most for industry, government and cybersecurity professionals in responding to new threats and complying with regulatory requirements.

Emerging Technologies

The emergence of 5G networks, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things only raises the stakes and is propelling aggressive government actions across all sectors – from financial services to software developers to manufacturers and energy producers to telecom and internet service providers – to counter an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, including social engineering and ransomware, malware, DDoS and spear phishing attacks.

New Rules

The departments of Commerce and Defense, as well as the Federal Communications Commission, are pushing separate and sweeping regulatory requirements on countering threats from China and other foreign adversaries to critical networks, industrial operations and IT supply chains. Amid this push for regulatory requirements, the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is a central player in coordinating government and industry efforts, and a focus of Inside Cybersecurity coverage of emerging rules.

Inside Cybersecurity delivers must-read news to stay ahead of a multitude of federal rules and requirements targeting the tech industry, communications and telecom companies, software developers, consumer products, industrial operations and manufacturing, and federal and defense contractors.

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Key Features

Morning Alert

Every morning you get an email alert of the latest news and analysis from Inside Cybersecurity to track regulatory policy developments and so much more. Plus, you get news updates throughout the business day on major policy developments at federal agencies, Capitol Hill and the courts.

Reg Watch

An exclusive weekly analysis and rundown of regulatory policy news goes out each Wednesday, providing a must-read for those tracking developments at DHS, NIST, the Defense Department, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, the General Services Administration, the White House and other regulatory and sector-specific agencies.


A new feature provides access to the cybersecurity community's leading thinkers and practitioners through exclusive interviews with current and former government officials from DHS, the White House and more, as well as industry executives, senior lawyers and policy advocates on such diverse issues as deterring foreign threats, plugging vulnerabilities, managing risks and protecting privacy and data.

Cyber Congress

Lawmakers face an ambitious agenda with legislative proposals addressing such hot-button issues as election security, privacy protections, next-generation 5G networks, an emerging Internet of Things marketplace, artificial intelligence, cloud security and protecting the nation's supply chain from foreign influence both within the government, including at the Pentagon, and throughout industry. Every Thursday, our exclusive Cyber Congress: Analysis makes sense of all you need to know from Capitol Hill.

Inside CISA

Each Tuesday you get an exclusive analytical update on the latest events, initiatives and policy actions by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency affecting industry and government systems. CISA is at the core of the government's cybersecurity efforts for sharing threat intelligence and protecting the nation's most critical data operations – from election security to supply-chain protections to ensuring the resiliency of a digital economy – and Inside CISA is indispensable reading for anyone who needs to know and anticipate the latest data-protection initiatives.

Editorial Excellence

Since 2013, Inside Cybersecurity has been a leader in exclusive news and analysis on federal regulations, standards and voluntary measures for securing critical industry and government networks and data. The editorial excellence of Inside Cybersecurity stands on the shoulders of Inside Washington Publishers' four decades of reporting on federal regulations, legislation and litigation on a range of major policy areas from national defense to international trade to healthcare to environment and energy.

The editorial team of Inside Cybersecurity is led by Chief Editor Charlie Mitchell, who brings his decades of work and knowledge on congressional procedure, politics and federal policymaking to the cutting-edge field of data security and privacy protections underlying a modern economy.

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