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December 4, 2022

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By Charlie Mitchell

A ransomware group that has targeted highly sophisticated companies across the globe will be the focus of the Cyber Safety Review Board in its second examination, the Department of Homeland Security has announced.

By Sara Friedman

Guidance for third-party submitters who file incident reports on behalf of a “covered entity” would be helpful as CISA works to develop a proposed rule to implement its mandatory reporting regime, according to security firm Palo Alto Networks.

By Charlie Mitchell

The mobile device security team at NIST has released for comment a “bring your own device” practice guide, a proposed second draft to a version of the guidance issued last year.

By Jessica Karins

As the United States increases its regulatory and law enforcement response to cyber attacks, Moody’s Investors Service predicts other regions will become more frequent targets, including Europe and especially less developed countries that have less access to cyber protections.

By Charlie Mitchell

The presidential advisory body for security in the telecom sector held its final meeting of the year Thursday with National Cyber Director Chris Inglis and CISA executive director Brandon Wales, but the teleconference-only public access was undermined by audio difficulties throughout the 45-minute event.

By Charlie Mitchell

A sweeping regulatory notice from the Transportation and Security Administration on cybersecurity for the pipeline and rail sectors should trigger a productive engagement between industry and government, according to the American Gas Association, which says it plans to ask for an extension to the 45-day comment period in order to address the lengthy list of questions posed by TSA.

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