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September 17, 2019

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Inside CISA: Analysis

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency announced today that new Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan will deliver keynote speeches Thursday at CISA's cybersecurity summit, oratorical bookends that highlight DHS' role at the heart of cyber policy as well as the Pentagon's growing prominence on protecting both military and civilian networks.

A Department of Homeland Security task force on supply-chain risks is expected to recommend a legal analysis of constraints on sharing unsubstantiated suspicions about tampering with a company's products, in an interim report to be released this week, according to industry and government officials attending a MITRE-hosted meeting today.

A leading group of privacy advocates is declaring victory following the end of California’s legislative session, as relatively minor amendments to the state’s landmark privacy act head to the governor’s desk and the Attorney General develops rules for enforcement, a process that will include debate over security issues like verifying record requests.

The Council to Secure the Digital Economy, an alliance of tech and telecom groups, today is releasing reports on “baseline capabilities” for Internet of Things device security and on stakeholder coordination in cybersecurity crisis situations.

Senate appropriators want a holistic Pentagon strategy for shoring up critical vulnerabilities in the defense industrial base, as lawmakers are concerned Office of the Secretary of Defense leadership and the military services aren't all on the same page in addressing cybersecurity and other threats to the supply chain.

The U.S. government should mandate, or “incentivize,” the purchase of cybersecurity insurance by all its contractors, according to a new report by an international policy think thank which argues the move would be a low-cost approach to countering foreign and other cyber threats.