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By Maggie Miller

The National Institute of Standards and Technology plans to release a final version of a “core Internet of Things cybersecurity capabilities baselines” document by the end of the year, NIST officials said Wednesday, to be followed by a “government sector baseline” for IoT devices.

By Mariam Baksh

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is engaging with congressional staffers on legislation that would direct federal procurement officials to consider security in purchasing devices that make up the Internet of Things, and understands the push behind the effort, according to a senior NIST official.

By Mariam Baksh

Action from the White House is expected “within days or weeks” regarding sign-off on a draft report by the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee describing a cybersecurity “moonshot” -- an ambitious initiative to make the internet secure within a decade -- according to the committee member leading the effort.

By Mariam Baksh

Deliberations over whether a federal privacy law should pre-empt the California Consumer Privacy Act -- seen as largely responsible for bringing disparate stakeholders to the table -- beg the question of what would qualify as a “stronger” law, as lawmakers ask whether the California law might act as a “floor,” rather than a ceiling, for states' efforts in the space.