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May 18, 2022

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By Sara Friedman

CISA is in the process of expanding its visibility across federal agency networks using endpoint detection and response capabilities as officials build on the initial requirements of the 2021 cybersecurity executive order, according to agency cyber head Eric Goldstein.

By Charlie Mitchell

CISA and the cyber agencies of four allied nations are advising organizations on steps to correct “weak security controls and practices” that are routinely exploited by adversaries to access systems.

By Jessica Karins

White House officials are cautioning that critical infrastructure operators and others must begin planning for a transition to new systems of cryptography that are resistant to quantum computing, a process that could potentially take more than a decade.

By Sara Friedman

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says a funding infusion is needed for a new office supporting work on supply chain security in the information and communications technology and services sector, as the department continues efforts around a controversial Trump-era ICTS initiative.

By Charlie Mitchell

Senate Homeland Security ranking member Rob Portman (R-OH) is raising concerns over the level of public disclosure required in the SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rule for publicly traded companies, while a bipartisan group of national security-focused senators is urging the commission to press ahead with the proposal.

By Sara Friedman

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is taking a fresh look at priorities under its Internet of Things cybersecurity program, with plans to update a publication evaluating risks and to hold a June event on next steps.

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