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A new bill introduced by Sens. Roger Wicker (R-MS) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH) would require the Federal Trade Commission, in consultation with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to develop voluntary guidelines to protect consumers from cybersecurity threats from Internet of Things devices.

The Editor Reports

A business group representing Japan's critical infrastructure sectors has submitted to the prime minister's office a cybersecurity plan based on “self-help” within the private sector, cooperation among companies and sectors, and, finally, assistance from government where needed.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's proposed “roadmap” for promoting continued use of its landmark framework of cybersecurity standards includes a section on “privacy engineering,” which outlines the agency's plans for integrating privacy protections into cyber-risk management practices and guidelines.

A new White House report on federal IT modernization requires agencies to measure the impact of changes to policies relating to federal information technology, “to ensure that any proposed policy change does not introduce an unacceptable level of cybersecurity risk.”