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Cyber Reg Watch: Analysis

The departments of Commerce and Homeland Security in recent days fleshed out how they'll implement President Trump's executive order on supply-chain security, while efforts to craft a framework around privacy policy accelerated and the Pentagon offered details on its plans to drive cyber improvements in contracting.

CISA Director Christopher Krebs today said an ongoing strategic review being conducted by its National Risk Management Center will be narrowed in response to an executive order issued on securing the telecommunications supply chain issued last week, which calls for a vulnerability assessment within 80 days.

Acting DHS chief Kevin McAleenan today touted the president's budget request for cyber activities, but House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said the Trump administration's approach to U.S.-Mexico border issues was pulling the department away from its cybersecurity and other missions.

The congressionally chartered cybersecurity solarium commission focused on international norms of behavior in cyberspace during its third meeting on Monday, with a briefing from former State Department cyber coordinator Christopher Painter.

The need for regulations, particularly provisions like “purpose limitation,” is coming into greater focus as federal officials discuss their use and development of artificial intelligence technology and lawmakers work to craft federal privacy legislation.

Exclusive Interview

The Department of Homeland Security's automated cyber-threat sharing system has evolved into largely serving government agencies and providing broader strategic analysis, while the private sector has established networks for tactical information about real-time threats, according to cybersecurity experts at the firm Radware.