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The group tasked with writing standards for information sharing and analysis organizations, or ISAOs, has circulated a draft plan among its working group leaders on a controversial proposal for “certification” of info-sharing organizations, in advance of releasing a proposed document for public comment next week.

CareFirst customers will be filing with the Supreme Court next week in defense of a lower court ruling that allowed a class-action lawsuit to proceed based on the possibility of harm from a massive data breach, in a case that could be the first to reach the high court and set corporate responsibilities for protecting consumer data.

A leading privacy group is urging House lawmakers to examine the type of data companies are providing to the government in response to cyber threats, in an effort to ensure civil liberties are not being violated despite passage of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.

The House oversight and science committees are requesting information from credit reporting agency Equifax on reports and recommendations received from the Department of Homeland Security relating to company's recent data breach, as well as organizational roles in responding to the hack.