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Congressional committees with cybersecurity responsibilities continued to fill out their subcommittee line-ups this week, with Senate Commerce naming ranking members of its subcommittees and both the Senate Armed Services and the House Energy and Commerce committees naming leaders and members of their panels.

A former White House official says the federal government's next steps in combating botnets should include assigning liability to entities comprising the web of connected devices known as the Internet of Things, as a new law taking effect in California next January is adding urgency to both federal and private-sector efforts on the issue.

Multiple members of Congress took aim at data privacy this week, with Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and John Kennedy (R-LA) reintroducing legislation Thursday to protect the data of social media users, on the same day that two Democratic senators wrote to the Federal Trade Commission asking for information on how the ongoing partial government shutdown is impacting its investigation of Facebook's data privacy policies.

The Air Force's National Air and Space Intelligence Center is warning cyber vulnerabilities in supporting infrastructure could thwart advancements in satellite and space technologies, an assessment that comes as the Trump administration is pushing expanded military operations in space.