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The Department of Homeland Security's industry-government task force on supply-chain risks plans to develop criteria for an approved products list, as one of several “work streams” for the group, according to officials speaking at a MITRE Corp. event today.

A presidential council on protecting critical infrastructure is calling on the Defense Department to have a central role in developing a nationwide backup communications system for use during a catastrophic electric power outage from a cyber attack or physical disaster -- or both.

Companies could wiggle out of privacy and data security requirements in proposals offered by business and consumer groups alike, due to exceptions built in for honoring contracting agreements, according to advocates speaking on behalf of consumers and information technology professionals.

The Cyber Readiness Institute -- led by veterans of Obama-era cyber initiatives -- has launched a “Cyber Readiness Program” designed to enhance the security of small and medium-sized businesses, saying the effort builds off recommendations contained in a 2016 report to the president on specific cybersecurity needs of smaller entities.