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The Editor Reports

Legislation to create a standalone cyber agency at the Department of Homeland Security is tantalizingly close to final congressional approval -- and then to President Trump's signature -- according to congressional and private-sector sources, a milestone of still uncertain policy significance.

GAITHERSBURG, MD. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is planning to issue a draft second revision to its guidelines for controlled unclassified information handled by government contractors, in order to better address “advanced persistent threats,” according to a key NIST official.

A key European Union official is encouraged by the size and seniority of the U.S. contingent participating in this week's review of the mechanism for ensuring that data transferred between the U.S. and EU meets European privacy standards, and says more needs to be done -- on both sides of the Atlantic -- to prevent cyberattacks.

A former top DHS cyber official and a leading cybersecurity strategist said Wednesday that the Russian threat to U.S. elections is not as high as it was in 2016, though the next few weeks will be the “magic moment” when significant interference could take place, amid a sustained foreign influence campaign targeting the United States.