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Cyber Congress: Analysis
By Maggie Miller, Rick Weber

Initial reactions to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report lay out a busy month of May for Congress, with the cybersecurity policy implications on Russian election interference likely to emerge over the coming weeks as Attorney General William Barr is slated testify on May 1 and Mueller is likely to appear on Capitol Hill later next month.

By Mariam Baksh

Participants in workshops on the federal government's “Moonshot” initiative are praising officials for engaging policy thinkers in addition to technologists, and say the discussions have centered on how to get society at large to make better digital decisions, as they attempt to narrow the focus for a “grand challenge” toward securing the internet within a decade.

By Maggie Miller

House Energy and Commerce Democratic leaders are scrutinizing how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is regulating emerging technologies involved with self-driving cars, as senior Republicans on the committee are working to reintroduce legislation on autonomous vehicles.

By Rick Weber

This year's NATO cyber exercise emphasized the role of decision-makers by designing the event to encourage greater interaction between system experts and policy strategists, according to a statement by the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Estonia, which hosted the four-day exercise that concluded April 12.

By Maggie Miller

The Federal Communications Commission is moving to deny the application of China Mobile to provide telecom services in the U.S., with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai saying the company is “ultimately owned by the Chinese government” and raises unacceptable national security concerns.

Cyber Reg Watch: Analysis
By Rick Weber

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has changed tack in its much-anticipated revisions to cybersecurity guidelines in acquisition rules for defense contractors, a move with implications for all industry sectors as part of broader efforts for securing the national supply chain and the rollout of 5G telecom networks.