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The Trump administration will take control of cybesecurity policy at a criticial time.

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The Federal Communications Commission's regulations for securing consumer data held by broadband internet service providers has come into the cross-hairs of a brewing fight over reining in the agency's authorities in a Trump administration.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration will convene a meeting of a “multistakeholder” process addressing Internet of Things vulnerability patching at the end of the month, addressing a key issue raised in an eagerly anticipated Commerce Department “green paper” on IoT policy released last week.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Thomas Wheeler issued a full-throttled defense of the commission's cybersecurity regulations in his final public address today at the Aspen Institute, where he will become a research fellow when he leaves office next week with the swearing in of President Trump.

President Obama's assistant for homeland security is welcoming President-elect Trump's plans to meet with industry to improve cybersecurity, stressing the need to keep cyber a top priority heading into the new administration.