Inside Cybersecurity

December 7, 2019

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A broad coalition of industry groups -- including telecom, tech groups and others -- is urging Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to extend a 30-day comment period on the information and communications technology supply-chain security proposal released just before Thanksgiving, citing the complexity and far-reaching implications of the rule.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is expecting to issue its landmark privacy framework for managing risks associated with the handling and use of sensitive data in January, but with more guidance to come.

A key advisory panel to the president on infrastructure security issues will vote next week on a report calling for creation of a new federal cybersecurity commission focused on critical infrastructure and other steps to improve info-sharing and supply-chain security.

The results of an investigation into how the nation’s wireless carriers are managing real-time geolocation data – which started at least eight months ago – are now expected by the end of January, according to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai. 

The Pentagon's new director of intellectual property began work last week focused on standing up a "cadre" of experts who can advise and train defense acquisition teams.

Cyber Congress: Analysis

This week's Senate Commerce hearing on consumer data security and privacy was a long-awaited step that revealed a narrowing of differences over potential legislation, but a bipartisan breakthrough is far from imminent, even with the looming Jan. 1 implementation date for California's historic privacy law as a driver for federal action.