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President Trump is calling for a full review of the nation's cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Weekly Analysis

The group charged with crafting standards for cyber info-sharing and analysis organizations is looking to international as well as domestic audiences as a way of broadening the reach and increasing the staying power of its work, which began as an Obama initiative and is seeking its place within the Trump administration's cybersecurity strategy and priorities.

Congress returns this week to resume discussions on various cybersecurity-related issues, including the confirmation of the national intelligence director; while the National Institute of Standards and Technology reviews its proposed update to its framework of standards and electric utility officials lay out their agenda for securing the grid.

Draft legislation circulated by the House Science Committee would establish a central role for the National Institute of Standards and Technology in assessing the adequacy of cybersecurity measures by federal agencies, as well as in leading a government-industry process to develop ways of measuring the effectiveness of using the voluntary framework of cyber standards issued by NIST three years ago.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has set a March 2 deadline for commissioners to vote on yanking data privacy and security rules for broadband internet service providers approved during the final months of the Obama administration.