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It is too early in the development of cybersecurity policy for the federal government to effectively regulate how businesses address their cyber concerns, according to Michael Daniel, former President Obama’s cybersecurity coordinator, who says there are many “unanswered questions” before mandates could be effective.

The acting CIO and CISO at the Department of Commerce said recent revisions to federal guidelines involving security of federal data systems are positive, but that these could go further in addressing the monitoring of Internet-of-Things devices.

The Justice Department's top lawyers are rejecting claims by privacy advocates that collection and handling of voter data by President Trump's election commission poses harm to both the digital rights group filing the case and to the general public, in a case that could determine the federal government's authority to set data management and security requirements for state election officials.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is withholding its endorsement of an industry-created cybersecurity guidance document, saying it needs a more comprehensive definition of safety functions to incorporate systems that are relied upon during and following any security incidents.