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CISA Director Christopher Krebs on Thursday said his agency is working with lawmakers and administration leaders to figure out strategic next steps for managing cyber risks across civilian federal agencies, as other CISA leaders have pointed to the need for connecting agencies apart from the public internet.

The Department of Transportation has released a strategy for encouraging the development of autonomous vehicles, which offers guiding principles including “modernizing” and streamlining regulatory requirements, while delineating federal and state responsibilities for ensuring public safety and cybersecurity.

Chinese officials and media outlets this week took aim at U.S. supply-chain and other cybersecurity policies, while accusing the United States of fostering instability through cyber espionage and a massive buildup of offensive weaponry.

China, supply chain, and “5G’ issues are highlighted in a new strategic document released today by the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which offers an organizational framework for the agency’s priorities and operations over the coming “years and decades."

With a recent Pentagon oversight report on cyber risks and “micro-purchases” as a starting point, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) on Wednesday offered an assessment of macro cybersecurity issues and a call for U.S. assistance in the global build-out of fifth generation network infrastructure.

The Navy is inviting the public in early September to participate in a "Hack the Machine" event in New York City, with $90,000 in prizes available for those "who produce key insights or solutions," according to a service statement.