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President Trump on Monday signed into law a bill that reforms and expands the scope of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which has been touted as a key cybersecurity tool particularly regarding Chinese investments in U.S. technology.

A key presidential advisor is calling on the Senate to pass legislation creating a cybersecurity agency within the Department of Homeland Security, arguing that coordinating the nation's cyber defenses is crucial to ensuring “lifeline services,” including protecting elections.

The Pentagon is considering a series of recommendations for how it can fix data and other vulnerabilities in its supply chain, and convince contractors to take security as seriously as cost, schedule and performance.

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The electric industry -- along with telecommunications and financial services -- is likely to develop a “charter” for formalizing ongoing tri-sector efforts for mitigating cybersecurity risks, in response to a call from the Department of Homeland Security to address systemic threats affecting the nation's most critical industries.