Inside Cybersecurity

September 18, 2019

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Cyber Reg Watch: Analysis

Robert O'Brien, the new White House national security advisor, immediately faces critical decisions on Iran that could involve offensive cyber actions, but whenever he emerges from crisis mode, he may want to reconsider the structural approach to cybersecurity put in place by his predecessor John Bolton.

The Defense Department will issue a request for proposals in early November for testing the use and security of next-generation 5G networks viewed as “transformational” for the military's mission, participants at a MITRE-hosted meeting were told.

A key National Institute of Standards and Technology official is pointing to a need for criteria to assess entities’ conformity to specific, standard requirements when using the agency’s emerging privacy risk management framework.

Inside CISA: Analysis

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency announced today that new Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan will deliver keynote speeches Thursday at CISA's cybersecurity summit, oratorical bookends that highlight DHS' role at the heart of cyber policy as well as the Pentagon's growing prominence on protecting both military and civilian networks.

A Department of Homeland Security task force on supply-chain risks is expected to recommend a legal analysis of constraints on sharing unsubstantiated suspicions about tampering with a company's products, in an interim report to be released this week, according to industry and government officials attending a MITRE-hosted meeting today.

A leading group of privacy advocates is declaring victory following the end of California’s legislative session, as relatively minor amendments to the state’s landmark privacy act head to the governor’s desk and the Attorney General develops rules for enforcement, a process that will include debate over security issues like verifying record requests.